Sound Design and Sonic Art

Living completely in the NOW, without consideration of the past or the future seems impossible. Just like a single note contained within a melody will make no sense without retention and protention of the notes that came before, and the ones that come after.


Meet Octavia Opal – explorer of places beyond vision and time… Octavia has escaped an industrial era of steam punk aesthetics and cloistered Victorian sentiments to step off solid ground and discover the oceanic expanse of her very own being. She sets out with her small wooden sailboat, her golden compass and spyglass… On a very long and harried night, Madame Opal is carried by the wind to the eye of a magnificent storm. It is here, shipwrecked while searching depths unknown, circumnavigating unmapped terrain, that Octavia stumbles across the elegant shape of the 4th Dimension…

Sound Design - By Ryan Lautenbacher

Animation/Visual - Heerko Groefsema

Sound Design - By Ryan Lautenbacher
Portfolio Piece and Re-Sound Design of SBS ad ‘The Seven Billionth Story’.

Animation Credits:

Director: David Scott
Producer: Tyrone Estephan
Lead Compositor: Guido Wolter
3D Supervisor: Andrew Lodge
Editor: David Burrows

Sound Design By Ryan Lautenbacher
Re-sound design and portfolio piece. 2012.

Questions of the immaterial and the evanescent within architecture open up understandings of space to the dynamics of the sensorial experience

—Brandon LaBelle

Ryan Lautenbacher

— Cave Study +/-


'Cave Study’ is a an exploration into site-specific sound and investigates the acoustic properties and the natural sculptural objects within an environment or space. The project is based around field recordings created during a recent trip to Thailand. Specifically those captured within ‘Diamond Cave’ in the province of Ao Nang. The composition is an exploration into the realms of  minimalism, temporality, spatiality,  materiality, timbre, physicality, density, process and production.

The original recordings were sonic events created by tapping the stalactites which had formed from thousands of years of limestone erosion. The stalactites created amazing bell type resonances, (when struck) that spanned the entire frequency spectrum.

The technical context behind the piece is to use one source of audio (the original recordings from the cave) and process the captured audio through one method of synthesis, in this case I chose granular synthesis.

A track produced in 2010….. Drawing inspiration from from my role as a Sound Designer for the play “The Great God Pan” put on by “The Pit and the Pendulum”…… as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010